Basque Coast Trekking

Map of trekWhy have we chosen the Basque Coast trek as the first one created exclusively for JourneyGives?

First, a little background from our co-founder, Rebecca Gray:

In an effort to expand the Reach for the Peaks series of climbing trips with a fundraising component, which at that time were exclusively benefiting Friends of Norris Cotton Cancer, I first thought about a trip which was a climb in the Pyrenees. After consulting with our friend, George Semler, who has lived in Spain since 1970, is an avid outdoorsman, and has extensive climbing and trekking experience in the Pyrenees, I realized that putting a climb together through the Pyrenees was a LOT of work! With some 6,000 different routes through the mountain range and probably equal number of outfitters/guides to lead the group it would be challenging and most importantly would be only a long and sometimes difficult climb. Climbing is okay, but I had wanted something that would bring the participants into the country—immerse them in a new part of the world–not just present them with a challenging week of climbing mountains.

Plus, it became clear when talking with George that to ask him to lead a climb in the Pyrenees would be a waste of his talents—of his great insider knowledge of Spain and, most importantly, as a journalist/foodie, his extensive insider knowledge of the cuisine of Spain.

When Ed and I started Giving Journeys and Journey Gives we knew we wanted to have all of our trips be unique—something you couldn’t just Google and find on a travel site. We believe our trips need to bring our guests into the country, help them experience the great food, art, history, geography, and the people of the country. We hope our trips deepen the experience. It was clear to us that the Basque Coast Trek would have all of the experiential qualities AND enough trekking to make it not just a vacation but with some challenge to it. And we were right, the 2019 Basque Coast trek was glorious and the 2020 trek will be just as wonderful!

Basque CoastOn this trek, as with all our Giving Journeys, you’ll have the opportunity of traveling for the charitable cause of your choosing—sharing the challenges, the opportunities, and joy of making a difference with the dollars you’ll raise. Fundraising for a charity is not mandatory to being a trekker on the Giving Journeys trip just an option. So come join us in May, 2020 for ten days of discovery, camaraderie, food, fun, and just enough challenge to make it, well, a challenge.

To whet your appetite (literally), here’s a short video of the places you’ll see:

Basque Walk by Lucie Semler

Please join us. You’ll find a new way to travel, we promise!