What to Bring to Spain

The weather in Spain during the last two weeks of May is very Spring like—the average temperature is 68°F with an occasional high of 77°F and a minimum low of 58°F. with some occasional light sprinkles (2.3 inches over 9 days) and with winds about 7 miles per hour. So although the climate is generally not harsh the weather does vary slightly from the coast to the interior cities.

Clothing and equipment

Trekking pants-with pockets/leg zipper to make shorts, jeans, pants

Shorts and/or Skorts

Short sleeve and long sleeve shirts, tank tops for trek and then shirts for city-wear

Light fleece, jacket, sweat shirt and or sweaters.

Rain Coat/small umbrella

Trekking boots, heavy duty (canvas or heavy) sneakers (as back up to wet boots), sandals, espadrilles, for city wear

Rain/sun hats

Socks and under clothes (Dr. Bronners Magic Liquid Soap it is nature-friendly and can be used as soap, detergent, shaving cream, etc. (Some of the hotels have laundry service but this soap is a good backup)
Dress Clothes? (George says it is not necessary but he does tend to bring a lapel jacket but basically just for warmth

Swim suit (several of the hotels have a pool, spa, or beach)

Sun glasses

Folding Trekking poles

Daypack–doubles as carry-on. Please limit checked luggage to 1 suitcase pp not to exceed 50lbs

Water bottle—1-1.5 quart

Sun screen, chap stick with SPF 30 or more

Mosquito repellent (some mosquitoes in evening and early morning)

Head lamp and batteries
Medications, pocket tissues, moleskin and/or bandages for blisters—knee brace? Snack bars? Hair dryer? (an FYI on the hair dryer is that some of our hotels will have hair dryers—but not all hotels will. Check “Things to know before Traveling in Spain/ Electronics” if you plan to bring a hair dryer).