Patagonia Trekking



Patagonia trekkers

Our Basque Coast trek in May, 2019 was the first trip we created exclusively for Giving Journeys, but it was not to be our last—now we’re adding a new trek to our Giving Journeys adventures—from two days in the “Paris” of South-America–Buenos Aires to Argentina’s Patagonia altiplano and Los Glaciares National Park. We’ll tango and trek our way through this massive country in southern South-America which is extraordinarily diverse in climate, geography, biodiversity and its multicultural populous.

When Ed and I started Giving Journeys and Journey Gives we knew we wanted to have all of our trips be unique—something you couldn’t just Google and find on a travel site. We believe our trips need to bring our guests into the country, help them experience the great food, art, history, geography, and the people of the country. We hope our trips deepen the experience. It was clear to us that the Basque Coast Trek and now Argentina’s Patagonia would have all of the experiential qualities. AND yes, both trips are not just a tour but have enough trekking as to provide a bit of a challenge—although it is Patagonia which provides the greater challenge in its trek of rugged terrain.

On this trek to Patagonia (as with all our Giving Journeys) you’ll have the opportunity to challenge yourself trekking for the charitable cause of your choosing—sharing with comrades the challenges, the opportunities, and joy of making a difference with the dollars you’ll raise. Come join us in November, 2019 for ten days of discovery, camaraderie, food, fun, and just enough challenge to make it, well, a challenge.

Please join us. You’ll find a new way to travel, we promise!